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Harvey Troys
Premium Natural Grain Free Diet
Suitable for all dogs

Harvey Troys Grain Free Dog Food


Having been established for over 12 years now we are proud to say Harvey Troys has gone from strength to strength  and is now the Best selling dog food in our store.  Our recipes have been formulated to offer you the very best in balanced nutrition for your dog using the most advanced technology.  We use only the finest ingredients sourced in the UK & we have worked with leading nutritionists and vets to ensure the food is exactly what your dog needs for a healthy life.

Harvey Troys Grain Free range is totally natural & hypoallergenic & comes in  Puppy, Adult & Senior varieties. All of which your dogs will love.

Each recipe contains at least 50% freshly prepared  and dried Meat or Fish as well as a healthy portion of fruit & vegetables. We do not use meat meal or derivatives in any of our grain free foods. These delicious recipes are tasty, highly digestible and mimic the ancestral diet of a dog offering your dog significantly more meat protein in our recipes than any standard dog food.


Freshly Prepared is a term used to describe the human grade quality raw and fresh meats used in our dry pet food recipes.

A unique cooking technology trademarked as “Freshtrusion” is used to cook the meats at a low temperature and low pressure.

This unique cooking process means that there is a higher nutrient bio-availability when fed to pets, with a more natural aroma and taste for an enjoyable, healthy and nutritious meal time.

The Freshly Prepared ingredients have other fantastic advantages including digestibility levels above 90% which is a better experience for both the pet and owner alike!!

Free from fillers Dairy, Soya, Grains, Wheat & gluten. 

Harvey Troys is a complete solution for fussy eaters and dogs with sensitivities, the recipe is also free from added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. As well as being super healthy, there are also added vitamins and minerals to help with cognitive function and visual health and joint supplements for puppies and older dogs.


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